Robben Island Swimmer’s Checklist

  • Have you completed a recommended open water swim of 5km (or longer)?
  • Have you been in the water for a recommended time of more than 1 hour in less than 16 degree Celcius?
  • For swims further than 25km, have you submitted your medical checklist (as completed by your doctor) to, prior to your swim date?
  • Have you packed all your swimming attire (costume, goggles, cap, wetsuit, etc.)?
  • Have you contacted your CLDSA approved swim skipper?
  • Do you have a CLDSA approved swim observer?
  • Have you registered your swim (48hrs before) and chosen your swim route, swim category and time frame? Info required: pilot, observer, swim date and time, and swim category. R200 swim fee for members.
  • Has your skipper made contact with Port Authority and Robben Island for notification and received approval (at least 48hrs before the swim)?
  • Have you read the CLDSA swim rules?
  • Is your CLDSA membership up to date (login to check and/or register)? R300 is the current membership fee. Sign up now.
  • Has your skipper completed his/her checklist?
  • Correct nutrition for feeds is needed during your swim – find out more.
  • Warm clothes is needed for on the boat to the island and for after the swim. Take a dry bag to pack your clothes into for when you need to start your swim.
  • Pack sunscreen.
  • Vaseline/chaffing cream if needed.
  • Following the swim, check that the observer has submitted the swim report for authentication and record.

Observer’s Checklist

  • Are you a CLDSA approved swim observer?
  • Are you familiar with the latest CLDSA’s swim rules include the categories and correct swim attire by category?
  • You are in charge of timing the swim.
  • We recommend a first aid qualification
  • Following a successful swim, observer to fill in swim report.

Skipper’s Checklist

  • Do you have a valid skipper’s license?
  • Do you have a valid seaworthy certificate and SAMSA licence (Category C for up to 15Nm offshore)?
  • Do you have relevant insurance?
  • Are you a CLDSA approved swim skipper?
  • Will you have a CLDSA approved swim observer on the boat (this could be you)?
  • Have you contacted SANParks to notify them of the swim (Robben Island swims)?
  • Robben Island swims: Have you paid relevant SAN Parks’ fees and sent through proof of payment?
  • Robben Island swims: Email to ask that CLDSA makes contact with Port Authority and Robben Island for notification and approval (at least 48hr before the swim)? You’ll need to request a swim time.
  • Has your swimmer completed his/her checklist?
  • For swims further than 25km and , has your swimmer submitted their medical checklist (as completed by their doctor) to, prior to the swim date?
  • We recommend a first aid qualification.

On the day:

  • Adhere to all maritime requirements.
  • Robben Island swims: Skipper to notify Port Control on channel 14 of swim start and again when swimmer is 1 nautical mile from island.
  • Robben Island swims: If swim start is delayed by more than 2 hours – swim must be cancelled
  • Robben Island swims: If swim is cancelled or postponed, pilot to notify CLDSA swim co-ordinator: who needs to contact Robben Island.