The list of CLDSA observers serves as a resource for our members’ long distance swims. Swimmers should check if their chosen skipper is also a CLDSA observer and if not find an observer listed here or ask their chosen support (or second) to apply to be an observer.

Observers who wish to be listed must complete an observer application form and should refer to our observer’s checklist as guidance for each swim.

Observers will be approved by the CLDSA Committee. Observers must also be familiar with the CLDSA swim rules. After a successful long distance swim, observers should complete the Observer Report which serves as the record for the swim.

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Observer Report

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Confirm swimmer swam in terms of CLDSA swim rules
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Observer's Checklist

  • Are you a CLDSA approved swim observer?
  • Are you familiar with the latest CLDSA’s swim rules include the categories and correct swim attire by category?
  • You are in charge of timing the swim.
  • We recommend a first aid qualification
  • Following a successful swim, observer to fill in swim report.

Observer list