The list of CLDSA observers serves as a resource for our members’ long distance swims. Swimmers should check if their chosen skipper is also a CLDSA observer and if not find an observer listed here or ask their chosen support (or second) to apply to be an observer.

Observers who wish to be listed must complete an observer application form and should refer to our observer’s checklist as guidance for each swim.

Observers will be approved by the CLDSA Committee. Observers must also be familiar with the CLDSA swim rules. After a successful long distance swim, observers should complete the Observer Report which serves as the record for the swim.

Observer Application

Do you have a valid level 3 first aid certificate?
I hereby confirm:

Observer Report

Swimmer Name(Required)
Confirm swimmer swam in terms of CLDSA swim rules
CLDSA Observer Name(Required)
Skippers Name(Required)
I hereby confirm:(Required)

Observer's Checklist

  • Are you a CLDSA approved swim observer?
  • Are you familiar with the latest CLDSA’s swim rules include the categories and correct swim attire by category?
  • You are in charge of timing the swim.
  • We recommend a first aid qualification
  • Following a successful swim, observer to fill in swim report.

Observer list

Name Contact Number Email Address
Allan Taylor 0828225202
Andrew Chin 0837081390
Andries Theart 0823242508
Antonino Rosario Scalabrino 0833060616
Arafat Gatabazi 076 289 3413
Brigitte Melly
Charl du Plessis
Darrel Conrad Knight 0732754439
Dave Welensky 0824482501
David Meinert
Derrick Frazer 0827705798
Elmarie Warrington 0828501524
Herman van der Westhuizen 0832844927
Howard James 0763406154
Howard Warrington
Jon Vickers 0716754953
Katherine Persson 0738194870
Lianne Lembeck 0828834028
Lindsay De Kock 0834482458
Lindsay Finch 0833099752
Mark Preen 0828811211
Mervyn Bremner 0827747487
Otto Thaning 0217131830
Roger Finch 0832500392
Samantha Whelpton
Sarah Houston 0723686712
Tony Sellmeyer 0824571242
Zani Taitz