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How to Sign Up for an Official Swim

A SWIMMER must be clear on what our Rules are before attempting a swim - CLDSA Rules

Simply follow the steps below: 

1  You must apply to swim timeously;
2  You must be a paid up Member of the CLDSA for the Current Season, run from 1 July to 30 June.  
3  Read Swim INDEMNITY & WAIVER (within the reg. process via Big Bay Events)
4  Complete the online SWIM APPLICATION form on:
5  Mervyn Bremner and Derrick Frazer are our official Swim Coordinators and will handle the coordination of swims with all relevant parties, including Robben Island authorities. 
6  You must notify the Swim Coordinators 48 hours (2 full days) before your planned swim - Mervyn Bremner (+27) 82 457 1242 and Derrick Frazer (+27) 82 770 5798. 
7  For record or inaugural swim attempts, there must be at least two CLDSA members as witnesses.

LIST OF OBSERVERS AND SKIPPERS, CLICK HERE, contact details can be obtained from Derrick Frazer and Mervyn Bremner