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CLDSA Newsletters

We try to send out a brief newsletter every month or so with items of topical interest, if you wish to contribute send us an email.

You can read past newsletters by clicking on one of the links below.

Newsletter 1
Newsletter 2
Newsletter 3
Newsletter 5
Newsletter 6
Newsletter 6 (continued)
Newsletter 7
Newsletter 8
Newsletter 9 (Special Late Night Edition)
Newsletter 10
20 September 2012
8 October 2012
30 July 2013
Newsletter 19
15 April 2014
30 April 2014
20 August 2014
26 September 2015
Newsletter 24 Kerry Kopke's Robben Island story, Jean Paul Tostee's Robben Island story
Newsletter 25 Kerry Kopke's Cape Point story
Newsletter 26 Muhammad Alli Naroth's story
Newsletter 27 Theo Yach 100 swims record
Newsletter 28 4 Elements Ocean Challenge
Newsletter 29 Jay Azran's Robben Island story
Newsletter 30 17 September AGM 2016
Newsletter 31 Saee Sukale & Prabhat Koli's stories
Newsletter 32 Jean Paul Totsee's story
Newsletter 33 Louisa Joubert's Robben Island story
Newsletter 34 Sea Point Pavillion info, upcoming events
Newsletter 35 Open water swim registration procedure
Newsletter 36 New website under construction, save the date for AGM, open water swim registration procedure, upcoming events, Heritage Day Swim info
Newsletter 37 Date for AGM announced, open water swim registration procedure, upcoming events
Newsletter 38 New CLDSA chairperson, open water swim registration procedure, upcoming events
Newsletter 39 Ode to Barry Cutler
Newsletter 40  Basic info on CLDSA swims, membership and medals, Freedom Swim Series, Freedom Swim info, Charlie Martinson story
Newsletter 41 Save the date for Peter & Kay Bales function, info on CLDSA swims, membership and medals, Freedom Swim Series, Freedom Swim info
Newsletter 42 Invite to Peter & Kay Bales function, Around the Island Langebaan swim, Freedom Swim info
Newsletter 43 Website records update; Order medals for 2017/2018 season, Deadline 30 June
Newsletter 44 Website FEEDBACK
Newsletter 45 Youth Day Swim, Meenakshi Pahuja
Newsletter 47 Andrew Stewart, my 1st Robben Island crossing
Newsletter 48 CLDSA membership 2017/2018 closes 30 June 2018
Newsletter 49 CLDSA Rules
Newsletter 50 NEW logo, season 2018/2019 fees
Newsletter 51 NEW Title Sponsor of the Mica Cape Swim Series
Newsletter 52 Jonathan Robinson, 1st RI crossing
Newsletter 53 Deadline medals 2017/2018 season
Newsletter 54 Freedom Swim 2018 
Newsletter 55 Cameron Bellamy Oceans 7
Newsletter 56 CLDSA 2018 AGM & Awards Evening
Newsletter 57 AGM & Awards Evening expanded
Newsletter 58 Post Women's Day swim 
Newsletter 60 Invite to AGM & Awards Evening 2018
Newsletter 61 Report on AGM & Awards Evening 2018
Newsletter 62 Theodore Yach endurance swimmer
Newsletter 63 Reconciliation Day Swim 2018
Newsletter 64 Reconciliation Day Swim 2018
Newsletter 65 Human Rights Day Swim 2019
Newsletter 66 Medal Competition
Newsletter 67 Medal Competition
Newsletter 68 Human Rights Day Swim 2019
Newsletter 69  Walkerbay Extreme and The Wild Swim
Newsletter 71 Reports from three recent varied swims 
Newsletter 72 Order Medals for 2018/2019 season
Newsletter 73 Ryan Stamrood’s 100th Robben Island Crossing
Newsletter 74 Youth Day Swim, Medals, Competiton winners
Newsletter 75 Medal Order & AGM 3 August
Newsletter 76 Nominations fo new CLDSA committee
Newsletter 77 Survey on wetsuit category
Newsletter 78 Report on AGM & Awards Ceremony 2019
Newsletter 79 Women's Day Swim 2019 results
Newsletter 80 Women's Day Swim 2019 results
Newsletter 81 Annual CLDSA Membership reminder
Newletter 82 Annual CLDSA Membership reminder (sent to 2018/2019 members)
Newsletter 83 Heritage Day Swim reminder
Newsletter 84 Post Heritage Day amd More
Newsletter 85 Robben Island is declared a Marine Protected Area
Newsletter 86 Human Rights Day Swim 2020, Varne Ridge Swim Camp 2020
Newsletter 89 Enteries still Open Human Rights Day Swim
Newsletter 92 POSTPONED Human Rights Day Swim
Newsletter 95  Sea swimming during lockdown
Newsletter 101 Medal orders for 2019/2020 still open