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Freedom Day Swim Wave Series

01 January 2021

The Freedom Swim Wave Series ("FSWS")
The FSWS was born as the result of the world crisis in 2020 created by the Covid-19 pandemic. I firmly believe that every crisis presents an opportunity to adapt and innovate.

The Freedom Swim Wave Series focuses on reducing the mass gathering of people and the safety of swimmers. Therefore we decided to break down the annual event to a series of smaller swims, with 5 to 15 swimmers. Each Wave results are recorded and conditions are measured. The Series season starts at 1-May every year and ends on the 27-April the following year. Exactly on Freedom Day.

With each Wave, results are added to the annual event records and sorted by time and age groups. Each swimmer will be able to see his/her standing in the results as the Wave progresses. At the end of the year, an awards ceremony will be held to celebrate the season and awards the winners of the Freedom Swim Wave Series.