A New Season
All it takes is all you've got!

30 July 2013

Fellow cold water swimmers

The whales are starting to drift back into Walker Bay, which means it's time to ramp up the revolutions in the tidal pool. Not that I haven't been swimming all winter, you understand, but a lone swim without hot chocolate is enough to test all but the hardiest of souls. I wish my body was as hardy as my soul!

Good luck to the guys who are off to swim the Bering Straits Relay (Ram, Andrew, Ryan, Kieron & Toks). This is a mind-blowing challenge, apart from the sheer distance they have to travel to get there! You can follow it at http://beringstraitswim.net/about-the-swim/bering-strait-swim-agenda/.

During the past few months you may have seen the newsletters regarding Maura's swim. It hasn't happened yet, so there is still time to join in. If you would like to get involved in Swim a Leg for Maura, please email Delle at plumsteaddelle@hotmail.com, or phone her on 083-292-2928.

The CLDSA committee has recently welcomed Derrick Frazer into its ranks. Derrick is a well-known safety organiser, a boatman who is willing to take you to Robben Island at a moment's notice, and an organiser of fine events to boot.

The CLDSA AGM and Prize Giving is coming up on Thursday 5 September at the Imbizo Conference Centre in the Clock Tower Precinct at the V&A (18:00 for 18:30). Everyone who has completed an official swim in the past year will receive their well-earned medal to the applause of the admiring crowd. This is a gathering of note with lashings of food and strong drink and is not to be missed.

There will be a change in swimming fees starting with the new season (1 August). A single swim (Robben Island) will now cost R450 and a double (Robben Island return) will cost R900. The annual membership fee remains at R100. Please note that you cannot swim if you are not a paid-up member!

I am looking forward to the Womans Day Relay Swim on Friday 9 August at Camps Bay. This is a team relay where each team must include at least one woman, and the men should wear suitably discreet bikinis. Enter online at ntri.co.za.

See you in the water


Kowwa Bunga!

"Our Father, who art in heaven, .... aaaarrrrhhh!!!"

Sucked Over The Falls - 101

This is one of the more daring, albeit dangerous, manoeuvres which novice sea swimmers are often forced to execute with varying degrees of finesse and style. The guy in the photo above is executing the well-known Swallow Plummet, not without a certain grace, it must be said. The words on his lips are well-formed, articulate and loud enough to be heard by his Maker. In about 1 second he will reposition himself for his final descent into the PileDriver sequence.

It takes a great deal of courage to execute such a manoeuvre, especially when you are not expecting it. Sorry, let me rephrase that. It takes the intellectual capacity of a neanderthal cave-dweller to get yourself into that position in the first place. The arithmetic is fairly simple: "large shorebreak + survival instinct = wait for calm set". How difficult is that?

But I suspect our intrepid body-breaker, er, body-surfer had a different equation in mind: "large shorebreak + obsession to win race = Go for it!"

By the way, did he survive?