Newsletter 10
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2 June 2012

Fellow Swimmers and Friends

The Lighthouse 10km Swim on 10 May finally got off to a sunny start after waiting for a very dense fog to lift. Looking at the photos, particularly one of a guy swimming well beyond the Seli wreck, I was reminded of doing the Glencairn to Simonstown swim in the mid-nineties. The sea was like black oil, flat and glassy, and the spectre of a large fin slicing its way towards me made me completely paranoid. I all but climbed onto the back of the friend I was swimming with! And as far as I recall there weren’t even support boats, never mind paddlers. Imagine doing that now? But I digress. The race was won by Bryan Allot, with Emma Alsop the first lady home. I salute you all for having nerves of steel.

That was also the day that the Daihatsu Maru parked on 1st Beach, and so the Sunday Swim was hastily diverted to Clifton with the object of viewing the vessel from the sea side and sending greetings to the luckless captain. This was not to be. As we approached Cherry Reef the leading bunch, whose attention was focused on the trawler some 100m away, failed to adhere to Sea Swimming 101 (reef = possible large wave), swam gaily across the reef and got totally obliterated by two of the biggest waves I have seen at Cherry. Andrew and I, whether through fear or good sense, had held back and watched with barely suppressed amusement as these monsters rolled over them, dragging them through the kelp bed and over submerged rocks. Hazel now has the distinction of being the only swimmer in history who has received a black eye while swimming. Way to go, Hazel! Needless to say, Zani, who has the distinction of being sucked over the Glen Beach reef, was also in there (somewhere).

As I have said before, space (and the gentle reader’s attention span) does not permit me to mention individual swims. However, I must make an exception to mention Sandi, who after training for four years at Camps Bay, finally did her first Robben Island a few weeks back. And a textbook swim it was too (I was observing and seconding). Head down, minimum stops, and not a squeak of complaint, which came as a pleasant surprise to me. Well done, Sandi! Mention should also be made of the sterling work Tony and Francois did in mentoring Sandi through it all. Oh, and Doc Sean who was on hand to welcome them in.

Theo Yach, holder of the record for the most number of Robben Island crossing (64), has written his autobiography “In My Element”, which will be launched at the Book Lounge on 24 July. An invitation is attached.

Let me end with what has to be the understatement of the decade from a shark researcher speaking about the efficacy of a shark shield: “I agree that the unit may not repel a breaching white shark because the shark is moving so fast.” In the words of the immortal Watson: No shit, Sherlock!

I hope to see you soon in the water


Note: this is an irreverent take on local news and the views expressed here are not necessarily those of the CLDSA or its committee members.


"I swear, the wave dragged me over the reef and I missed the rocks by so much..."
Zani demonstrates her near-death experience at Glen Beach with typical nonchalance.

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Our (formally) esteemed President, Peter Bales, in a rather fetching little blue number
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