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27 March 2012

Fellow Swimmers and Friends

So there I was having the time of my life in this seedy little bisto when I got a call from the big kahuna boss. "Listen up, son," he says, "We have breaking news from our cousins in distant Port Elizabeth which you must impart with all haste to our brethren hereabouts". I said "Listen here, you frost-bitten slave-driver, can't you hear I'm in the middle of something here? That's a vuvuzela, squire, this is a party!" There was a click and the phone went dead.

Undaunted I poured myself a glass of red, gathered unto me my favourite assistants, and we set to work. Wiping good red wine off the keyboard and chocolate cake off my mouse, I wrote:

The Nelson Mandela Bay Bell Buoy Challenge takes place on Saturday April 7th in Algoa Bay. The course is from Hobie Beach to Bell Buoy and back, a distance of some 8km (yea! even unto 8 km!). To qualify you need to have done a 5km race within the past 5 months - which thankfully lets me off the hook. I have it on good authority that this is not a swim for sissies, which again lets me off. You can expect to find yourself at some point chugging aimlessly around Algoa Bay, with no body, boat or buoy in sight, and with a little tingling feeling in your toes, which is good because at least you'll know your toes are still there.

For more death-defying details, you could steal a peek at their web site.

And don't forget this Saturday at Langebaan, the Round The Island Swim, with 1.6km and 3.2km courses. Starts at 10:00 on the beach. Contact Craig for more details.

And now... back to the party!

Terry, Shirley and Sandi

Coming to you live from ... you don't want to know!

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Endless Pool

Proposing a toast to the Bay Bell Buoy Challenge.
The guy with the vuvuzela thought it was a fabulous idea and has already organised a taxi.

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