News Letter 7
All it takes is all you've got!

24 March 2012

Fellow Swimmers and Friends

I was a guest of Natalie Tissink’s at the Velocity Sports Lab in Hout Bay the other day, to try out the Endless Pool. This is a 4m pool that pushes out a fierce current at one end, against which you swim, failing which you end up plastered against the far wall. It’s a bit like trying to get out at Camps Bay through a 10ft shore-break, just after a wave has broken over you, and you’re battling to get going before the next one hits you. The current can be set to a predetermined speed, and even at 1:30min per 100m I felt like I was working really hard. There are mirrors ahead and below you which allow you to view your stroke and style in real time, which I found somewhat sobering, if not alarming.

This is a workout of note, and although it is clearly no substitute for squad training, a couple of half-hour sessions per week would do wonders for both your stroke and fitness. Recommended! [Contact Natalie or Angela Allan at 021-791-7600]

Round The Rocks at Blouberg on 25 February looked like great fun, with the sun shining down on what looked like a nasty little shore break. I have chosen the Hunk of the Month photo from this event, showing Sydney belting it through the surf in true Olympian style. In the background you can see Angela weeping at the realization that she’d been beaten by an octonogerian.

The Human Right’s Day swim at Camps Bay on 21 March was a peach of a swim, although the water was a bit chilly near the shore. Once again Derrick did a sterling job with safety, although the outside buoy was so far out that I needed binoculars and a compass to locate the beach on the way back. We did our usual “OK, let’s all stick together now!”, and promptly hit the water with all feelings of camaraderie blowing in the spray. I was determined to crack a hot time, and swam as if pursued by a pack of sharks (which is not difficult to imagine), only to find that I’d beaten Sandi by a mere minute. Even Zani and Natasha (remember Natasha?) were only 5 minutes back. Next time I'll hire a real pack of sharks!

As you know, the Cadiz Freedom Swim was cancelled for various reasons. Despair not for Ram Barkai now owns the rights to the Swim Series and there will definitely be a Freedom Swim next year.

As usual there have been a number of solo swims during the month, indeed too many to mention with due diligence. I should, however, mention Tony Enderli’s Double Robben Island last week which, judging from the photos, left him looking like he needed a stiff brandy and a good lie down. Well done, Tony!

I hope to see you soon in the water


Note: this is an irreverent take on local news and the views expressed here are not necessarily those of the CLDSA or its committee members.

Endless Pool

The Endless Pool at Velocity Sports Lab in Hout Bay.
The author taking strain!

Hunk Month -->

Hunk of the Month: Sydney dreaming of Olympic glory!


Sun, sea and sand!
A perfect Sunday morning at Camps Bay.