News Letter 5
All it takes is all you've got!

24 January 2012

Fellow Swimmers and Friends

Welcome to the New Year and may the current be with you.

The Reconciliation Day Swim on Friday 16 December enjoyed sunny skies and mild seas (at least closer to shore). I take my hat off to those who did the Barker Rock gig: respect! At the 800m mark I was already nervous, and the blue bottles didnít help either.

The next day, a pleasant sunny Saturday, Martin Goodman, Mark de Klerk, Heinrich Langner and Ryan Stamrood completed a Robben Island Double. I was observing on Martinís boat and I can attest to the strength and resilience that it takes to do this swim, not to mention the importance of having a full bladder at the Island turn. Parts of the crossing were completely covered in blue bottles, so much so that we used the boat to break a path through them. Even so, Mark and Martin got badly stung and made liberal use of Natureís bounty to relieve the stings. This swim was in aid of the Swim of Courage.

While the boys were doing the Double, Cecilia Schutte went one better and swam from Blouberg round the Island and back! Not only did she also get badly stung but she also ran out of food and battled stiff SW breezes. Sterling effort, Cecilia!

On Wednesday 21 December Ram, Andrew, Kieron and Toks decided that the pool was too warm and that a chillier venue was called for. So they hitched up the boat, grabbed a few Poweradeís and off we went to Robben Island. There was a pretty hefty swell running, but the water was around 13 with a gentle SW breeze. At the half-way mark they stopped and shared a Powerade. By the two-thirds mark the wind had picked up to a moderate gale, the swell was blotting out the sun and the chop was breaking over them. We didnít dare go closer than about 500m from Blouberg, but these knarly conditions were perfect for a record breaking (well, almost) 2:00 time. And then they had to swim back out to the boat!

I guess once you have swum Cape Horn, Robben Island becomes passť, but the sheer casualness with which these guys approached the swim was breathtaking: it was spontaneous, Ram and Toks didnít wear caps, they had one stop for a few sips of Powerade, and they had to swim back out to the boat where their towels were soaked and they had no warm clothing for the trip back to Oceana. Then a beer at the clubhouse Ė just another day at the office, which is probably what they told their wives!


  • The Seli I 5km swim takes place this Sunday 29th January from Tableview to Blouberg. Accompanied by large Great Whites, this promises to be a fast swim with ample opportunity to walk on water. This is a long swim so be careful not to bite off more than you can chew! Meet at Blouberg at 8am if you dare.
  • The ever popular Brian Curtis Mile (and 3km event) takes place at Grabouw on Sunday 12th February. This swim should appeal to those folk who value life and limb (see Seli above), but be warned that in the 3km event there is a even chance of dying of either sunstroke or boredom.
  • We have organized a talk on Great White Sharks in Cape Town; the attachment gives more details.

I hope to see you soon in the water


Note: the views expressed here are not necessarily those of the CLDSA nor its committee members.

double crossing

Mark, Terry and Martin being welcomed back at Blouberg by Bonny after their phenomenal Double Crossing. (I spent all but the last 500m on the boat, but couldn't resist the photo opportunity!)

Neve -->

Ramís ďsecondĒ on his December crossing. Since they only stopped once Neve didnít have much to do except hang on for dear life. This picture was taken early in the crossing!


Pin-up of the Month: Monika
Copies of this picture, suitably framed and autographed by Monika, will be available soon!