News Letter 6
All it takes is all you've got!

17 February 2012

Fellow Swimmers and Friends

There comes a time in every newsletter when the man who writes the damn thing gets to say a few words of his own. And I would like to take this opportunity, verbose as I can be at times, to say a few words about… Theo Yach.

As far as I’m concerned I could not have chosen a more delightful, charming, witty, responsible, good-looking and strong man to talk about than Theo. And so I ask the question: why the hell did I mention Natasha in my last letter? Because Natasha is the sort of woman that people emigrate to avoid, who fosters kami-kazi units, and who causes Great Whites to swim to Australia rather than risk bumping into her here. I remember when I first met her… But I digress…

Theo has spent a few recent Sundays swimming Robben Island to Three Anchor Bay, and I suspect that he has squeezed in a few more swims that he has been too modest to report. This is all in training for his epic Hout Bay to Robben Island swim that he has been planning to do for the past 18 months. We wish you warm and calm seas, and mild northerly currents!

The talk on Great Whites in Cape Town, held at Oceana this Tuesday last, was reasonably well attended and I must say that I found it most enlightening. Our presenter, Gregg Oelefse, did a sterling job and the visuals were excellent. Researchers have amassed a wealth of data on sharks in False Bay (including one that did indeed swim to Australia!) but I was perturbed to learn how little is known about sharks on the Atlantic seaboard, although relieved that Camps Bay is the only beach at which no shark sighting (never mind attack) has ever been registered! One thing is clear: do not put even your tootsies in False Bay! Thanks to Martin Goodman for organising the evening.

The Brian Curtis Mile held at Grabouw on Sunday 12th was by all accounts a resounding success, if that’s what blows your hair back. Judging by the photos of the start (see right) I’m surprised that no one was trampled to death or drowned in the rush to get into the water. Nor were there any reported cases on sunstroke. And with all the delightful ladies we have swimming with us I'm sure my prediction of terminal boredom was wrong as well.

The Cadiz Freedom Swim is lurking around the corner again. Those of you who have read Tony Sellmeyer’s excellent book will know that I hold the record for the longest stay in hospital, following the swim in 2009. First time swimmers will be relieved to know that should you find yourself staring at the Big White Light At The End Of The Tunnel, the medical facilities on the beach are superb and Cape Town Medi-Clinic has an excellent wine list for those who are obliged to sleep over.


  • Susan Fraenkel lent a book “Channel Crossings” to one of her swimmers and has never seen it since. Does anyone have it or know where it is? Contact me if you do.
  • The next big swim is Around The Rocks at Big Bay on Saturday 25th February. Swim starts at 9am.
  • The Argus Cycle Tour takes place on Sunday 11th March. The usual Camps Bay swim will be cancelled so that you can devote your energy to cheering me on instead.

I am offering a prize of a free hot chocolate to the person who can identify which well-known comedian I was taking off in my opening two paragraphs (Natasha is not eligible). Please feel free to send me tidbits of news, especially about swims. And remember, you can always email your abuse to me at the address below.

I hope to see you soon in the water


Note: this is an irreverent take on local news and the views expressed here are not necessarily those of the CLDSA or its committee members.

Natasha et al

Natasha, Zani and Rouen at the Great White talk. There is a full moon in the top left corner (not to be confused with the halo above Natasha).

Curtis start -->

Start of the Brian Curtis Mile. I mean, how keen can one be?!

Sandi Craig

Beautiful Couple of the Month: Sandi and Craig
A respectable 72 and 74 in the 3km event.