News Letter 4
All it takes is all you've got!

2 December 2011

Fellow Swimmers and Friends

Craig, Richard and Liz completed their epic 315km swim down the Breede River on 14 November. Congratulations on a great achievement. You can see more here.

The Llandudno Mile (with extra 800m and 3km courses) was held in perfect conditions on Saturday 19 November. The water was a mild 13 degrees, with some gentle surf on the inside. A field of about 50 set off on the various distances, with at least half the field in wetsuits, much to the distain of the hard core mob. The conditions encouraged racing and Iím pleased to say I was able to fight off a challenge from Ram, Sydney and Zani, as a result of which I was mobbed by a brace of attractive well-wishers (see photo on right). It was only when Ram came in 40 minutes after me that I realised he had done the 3km course and that my vision of being invited to the next Cape Horn Adventure was probably misplaced. Well done Juliette on a great event!

Peter Bales and I accompanied Natasha Dyer on a Robben Island swim on Friday 25 November, with seconds Zani Muller and Phillip Dempster. The weather was beautiful, although the sea was mildly choppy and a very cold 11 degrees. At about 5km, Natasha started to flag, but both Phillip and Zani swam with her and coaxed her on. About 1km from Blouberg we called Derrick Frazer to bring the duckie out, and after observing her ever more erratic behaviour we decided to pull her out at the Blouberg rocks Ė severely hyperthermic, not to mention disappointed!

All the observers agreed that we should have pulled her earlier, much earlier. Indeed, this has convinced us that swimmers need to be forewarned that they will be pulled out if the official observers decide so. Nobody likes to pull a swimmer, especially so close to the end, but when a swimmerís head and heart are stronger than their body, that harsh decision needs to be made.

It was with no small relief that I heard the Seli 1 to Blouberg swim had been postponed on Sunday 27th. However, a number of swimmers (see right) did swim at Camps Bay in 9 degrees.


The 3rd Waterfront Charity Mile takes place on Wednesday, 7 December. Registration and race briefing from 5pm at the open parking area opposite the Audi Dealership at the Coen Steytler entrance to the V&A. Race start at the Westin Grand forecourt, finish at the One and Only. Distance approximately 1,5km. Ferry shuttle to start and return to car park on completion. Complimentary hot drinks and some fantastic spot prizes at the finish. Entry fee R100, proceeds to the Cadiz Open Water Development Trust and Nobantu Primary School.

I hope to see you soon in the water


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Raybans: R1500
Cheap bather: R200
Ego-boost: priceless!
[Thanks to Myfanwy and Ashley!]

Windy Day

Getting ready to swim Camps Bay in 9 degrees and howling south-easter!