News Letter 3
All it takes is all you've got!

8 November 2011

Fellow Swimmers and Friends

As the NW wind brings more rain and warms the sea water up, the head-bangers are begining to froth at the mouth and challenge each other to ever more daring feats. I hear word of Three Anchor Bay and dog-legs bandied about. What's wrong with a good old Robben Island to Blouberg?

Charlie Reid, having smoked a kilo of Durban Poison the night before, decided to do the Ashanti 10km last Saturday in the belief that a calm environment devoid of sharks and jelly-fish would be an elevating experience. When the organisers finally "elevated" him from the water, his wife had to be sedated such was greyness of his pallor and lack of support afforded by his legs. As a result we now have a second definition for "doing a Charlie" (see Newsltter 2): an attempt to swim a vast ditance on fokol training.

However, I digress. There are some important events lining up this month:

  • Saturday 19th November: Llandudno Mile
  • Sunday 27th November: Seli 1 to Blouberg (5km)
  • Floating date: Swim of Courage (Double Crossing)
  • Sunday 4th December: Theodore Yach Aniversary Swim

The first three you can find on Facebook (just search). The fourth event is the Theodore Yach Aniversary Swim (Robben Island to Blouberg) and everyone is invited to join in, as descibed in the attachment to this mail.

A word about the Swim Of Courage. I have had a suggestion, fully supported by Martin Goodman, that other swimmers may like to join this swim for the return leg from Robben Island to Blouberg. I am coordinating swimmers for this but it is up to the individuals to get their own license and boat.

In the spirit of non-sexism I have decided to alternate Pin-Up of the Week with a male-oriented picture. Unlike the female pin-ups which I select with the emphasis on their attractiveness and sparkling personalities, the males will be chosen purely on strength of character. This week, the honour goes to Paul.

I hope to see you soon in the water


Note: the views expressed here are not necessarily those of the CLDSA nor its committee members.

Zani Oceana

Zani on her way to Oceana


Grumpy Old Man of the Week: Paul