News Letter 2

All it takes is all you've got!

26 October 2011

Fellow Swimmers and Friends

This is just a quick update, mainly to send you the 2010-2011 Events Calendar (see attachment).

However, I would be grossly amiss if I did not mention Zani Muller's epic crossing from Robben Island to Oceana on Sunday 9 October. The regular Sunday morning swimmers had already gathered at Camps Bay and I had measured around 10 degrees. We thought she must have rocks in her head, but since she hails from Pretoria, this was not an unreasonable assumption. Nevertheless, well done Zani!

I am also told that The Deep Blue Invitational at Shelley Point last Saturday was a resounding success, although details are a little scant. It has been widely reported (not least by himself) that Craig Doonan won the men's 3km event, much to my astonishment. Craig came down to Camps Bay on Sunday morning positively beaming from ear to ear and proceeded to get thoroughly mauled by some gigantic surf. Well done, Craig!

Speaking of gigantic surf... Camps Bay produced some truly awesome waves on Sunday. Chris Loker and I were waiting at the back for Charlie Reid and Craig to make it out, and watched in horror as Charlie drifted towards Glen Beach, being pounded by set after set. Fearing that this may be the last we ever saw of him, I beseeched the Big Kahuna to spare him, and lo, he was washed up on the shore. David Taitz, who was watching on the shore, later defined a new swimming term "to do a Charlie": to be caught in a side rip whilst being pummeled by huge waves. If you end up back on the beach more than 100m from where you started it's called "doing a real Charlie".

At the risk of being sexist, I though I might add some social colour by including a spontaneous picture of one of the many pretty ladies that swim with us and who make our Sunday mornings all the more enjoyable. The honour this time goes to Shirley, shown warming the pavement outside Caprice and wearing a jolly pink top and rugged jeans! Note the Jimmy Choo's on her left.

If you would like to read more about yourself and less about me, then please send me snippets of interest. If you are more interesting than me, I'll try to make space in the next letter. Photos are also welcome

I hope to see you soon in the water


Note: the views expressed here are not necessarily those of the CLDSA nor its committee members.

Zani Oceana

Zani at the start of her epic Robben Island - Oceana crossing

camps bay

Roughly the view you have whilst "doing a Charlie"


Pin-up of the Week: Shirley