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How to Sign Up for an Official Swim

A SWIMMER must be clear on what our Rules are before attempting a swim - CLDSA Rules

Simply follow the steps below: 

1  You must apply to swim timeously;
2  You must be a paid up Member of the CLDSA for the Current Season, run from 1 July to 30 June.  
3  Read Swim INDEMNITY & WAIVER (within the reg. process via Big Bay Events)
4  Complete the online SWIM APPLICATION form on:
5  Mervyn Bremner and Derrick Frazer are our official Swim Coordinators and will handle the coordination of swims with all relevant parties, including Robben Island authorities. 
6  You must notify the Swim Coordinators 48 hours (2 full days) before your planned swim - Mervyn Bremner (+27) 82 457 1242 and Derrick Frazer (+27) 82 770 5798. 
7  For record or inaugural swim attempts, there must be at least two CLDSA members as witnesses.