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1SOMS (First Sunday of the Month Swim) August

04 August 2019
08:00 - 12:00

The swim started as a fun communal way to appreciate the outdoor open water sport of swimming. A number of the participants use the swim as a training ground for the Robben Island crossing. Albeit the route is around a nautical mile whereas the crossing is 7.5km/11.5km respectively it does provide an introduction to cold water and deep water swimming. A large number of the participants use the swim as a training ground for the Robben Island crossing, conditioning. Swimmers can elect to wear wetsuits, especially for those participating in triathlons where wetsuits are almost always compulsory, sea training is an essential part of their training programme.

1SOMS Format: The swim takes place in a format I like to call “Hares” and “Hounds”. The objective of the format is to reduce the spread of times and in so doing keep swimmers of different speeds in a much closer group. The “ultimate” objective is for the timing to be such that all swimmers finish together. New swimmers automatically are placed with the Hares and in so doing receive a 5 minute head-start on the Hounds.

Expected finish time of a Hare is ± 38 minutes whereas a Hound is ± 30 minutes (± 2 min/100m) . Swimmers who have completed the swim previously have already found “swim-buddies” and generally elect to swim in the group that resembles their speed more closely. Hares have the advantage of leading, whereas Hounds have the advantage of chasing.

Many a Hound has been surprised at the tenacity of the Hare when caught and has muttered under-breath at the Hare finding hidden reservoirs of speed.

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