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CHAIRMAN'S REPORT: Friends of Sea Point Pavilion 2016/17

13 September 2017


Friends of Sea Point Pavilion 2016 / 2017

Maintenance & Enhancements

The sea water pumps have a life span of approximately two years. Replacement can take up to two months and during this period fresh water is pumped into the pool. Two refractomers which measure salinity were purchased , one of which was given to Wayne. In June the percentage sea water in the pool was 14%. This increased to 35% in November. Because of the design of the present system, sea water can only be pumped into the pool at high tide which translates to an effective period of four to five hours. Due to the drought, this could become a serious problem. A meeting was held with councillor Stuart Diamond of the Mayoral Committee and Council Officials at which this matter was discussed. The possibility of the council appointing Consultants to review the system was raised.

A proposal for the installation of solar external showers was considered not to be practical. These still need to be replaced but only when drought restrictions have been removed.

A quotation for a new clock has been received but this matter has still to be finalised.

Entrance Showcases
Eddy supervised the restoration of this item.

Pool & Sea Temperature
A kit for measuring the above was purchased and a life guard trained to take measurements. New plastic signage was erected at the entrance.

Jerry has kept a meticulous set of accounts. His Report and the Financial Report prepared by our auditor has been distributed to all.


The new MOU was unacceptable by the committee and our response was sent to the council. Jacques Weber the ward councillor organised a meeting with the relevant council officials. It transpired that the legal department were not aware that besides the MOU, a lease with the council was also in effect. This would change the situation. In November Robert and myself attended a meeting with Wendy Hartshorne. The MOU had been scrapped and a new lease drafted in accordance with our constitution. Robert codified a few items that were unacceptable to us. This was sent to the council. Finality was reached in February. However we are still waiting for the document to be issued to us.

Report completed by Paul and Jerry.

We received correspondence from an attorney, aggressively demanding that his client be given a site on the forecourt. We handed the matter over to our lawyer who dealt with it accordingly.
Robert and Paul have done sterling work in running the Forecourt.

Robert has prepared a detailed Trader's Report.

Alison in conjunction with the NSRI has instituted the Waterwise program. School children from disadvantaged areas who have outings at the Pavilion are instructed in the dangers of the sea and dams. She has prepared a detailed report.

The Void:
There is a void in the Pavilion complex of approximately 800m2, formerly occupied by the female change rooms and unused for the last twenty years. We managed to obtain the services of Macio Miszewski to do the architectural design, Adrian Buckland of Bernard James & Partners (Quantity Surveyors) to Produce a Budget and Joseph Rozowsky to advise as to the structural requirements. They all agreed to do this work on a pro bono basis. Design drawings and Budget were handed over to Wendy Pinder in November 2015. In July 2016, Wayne filed a budget request for the construction thereof. In September our new ward councillor Shayne Ramsey was briefed and given a set of drawings. At the meeting in February 2017, councillor Stewart Diamond was made aware of the scheme. All seem favourable disposed to the proposal. However to date nothing has materialised.

Vote of thanks
To all members who have contributed their time and skills to make this last year a success.
Tony Scalabrino

Development Report for FSPP
AGM August 2017

At the beginning of the summer season, we struggled to obtain information regarding the school bookings. Therefore, no Waterwise lessons were arranged. A large sign in three languages with a water safety message was erected near the most shallow pool. Two thousand colouring-in booklets with the same message were printed and distributed to young visitors. Later in the season another two thousand were printed. The receptionists are handing these out to families with young children and this is going well. There has been some positive feedback from this programme.

In February, we began to receive information regarding school visits. Approximately 2,500 learners and adults received the WaterWise lesson both at their schools and at the Pavilion. The NSRI funds the teaching at the schools and the Friends pays for the instructors who teach at the Pavilion. We struggled to obtain enough instructors. We attempted, without success, to train the life savers who work at the Pavilion. The NSRI office has made contact with Tommie Beukes from the City Council. Together they are currently working on a programme to train all city life savers to be WaterWise instructors.

The NSRI has designed a basic water confidence programme taught with the aid of pool noodles. The life savers at some of the municipal pools are teaching this programme when the pool is not busy. It is advisable that this programme be implemented at the Sea Point Pavilion.

Kind Regards
Hazel McQueen