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The Association shall be known as the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association (C.L.D.S.A).


1. To maintain and foster relations with the overseas Long Distance Swimming Associations.
2. To foster the development of long distance swimming in the Republic of South Africa.
3. To administer and promote Long Distance Swimming and Long Distance swimming events.
4. To authenticate long distance swims.
5. To assist with information and advise those intending to make attempts of recognised swims.


1. The officers of the club shall be the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Swim Co-ordinator and two committee members. These will additionally constitute the management committee in whom power to co-opt further members shall be vested at their sole discretion, but shall always be convened under the Chairman.

The committee and Management of the Association shall retire annually but be eligible for re-election. All Officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The committee shall transact all business of the association and carry out the duties given to it by the rules of the constitution, but be restricted from outside the limitations detailed therein.

2. The committee shall exercise financial control over the affairs of the association and instruct that audited Accounts and Balance Sheet be presented annually. The committee shall investigate and authenticate claims of swimmers and following official recognition of a swim issue the certificate of the Association as well as a medal for a recognised swim. The committee shall appoint official observers. The committee shall record details of all swims and retain documents used in connection therewith. The committee shall take any other action to further the interests of the Association.


Membership shall be open to all those interested in long distance swimming. A candidate for membership must complete the Association’s registration form, be elected at a meeting of the Committee and pay the relevant subscription. Each member shall have one vote, provided his application for membership and membership fee has been received by 30 July in the current membership year.


The committee has the right to appoint a sponsor for the association for any one of its events. Any undertakings by the relative sponsors must be agreed upon by a majority of the total committee.


The committee has the right to appoint a sponsor for the association for any one of its events. Any undertakings by the relative sponsors must be agreed upon by a majority of the total committee.


There shall be a subscription fee charged for membership to the association which shall be set annually at the A.G.M. or by the duly elected committee.


The Financial Year shall end on 30th June of each year.


An account at a registered bank is to be opened under the name Cape Long Distance Swimming Association.


1. Minutes shall be taken of all committee meetings.
2. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be called by the secretary within 12 months of the end of financial year, and two weeks (14 days) notice in writing of such meeting shall be deemed sufficient.
3. A Special General Meeting of the Association may be called by the secretary upon at least four of the members giving notice in writing of their request and the reason therefore and 2 weeks notice in writing shall be sufficient.


1. A quorum for a general meeting shall consist of at least six of the members as defined and must include at least three committee members.
2. A quorum for the Association committee meetings shall be at least three members.
3. Any meeting being unable to form a quorum shall be adjourned and another meeting shall be called seven days later.
4. Proposed amendments to this constitution shall be circulated to members before the general meeting for adoption. Two weeks notice is sufficient.


a) Long distance swimming aspirants shall pay a fee as set out by the committee so as to cover expenses of the Association and issue of the Official Certificate and Medal.

b) No person in his attempt on any recognised swim shall use or be assisted by artificial aid of any kind, but he is permitted to grease the body before a swim, use goggles, wear a cap and costume. During a swim no physical contact with a swimmer shall be made by any person. No cap which extends below the bottom of the earlobes may be used. The cap must be made of latex and only one cap may be used at a time.

c) For a swim to be officially recognised, the swimmer must walk into the water from the shore of departure, swim across until he touches the other side and is on dry land. Landing on a man-made object would not be recognised as an official landing.

d) For a double-crossing of any event to be officially recognised, a swimmer must touch the mainland shore of the opposite coast with no sea water beyond and must return to the sea immediately.

e) Every application for recognition of a swim must be accompanied by the observer’s report, recording incidents, times, tides, method of feeding, etc. But the committee may call for additional evidence if they require it.

f) The appointed observer shall be in sole charge of the timing of the swim, and shall be responsible for the interpretation of the rules.

g) The timing of the swim shall start from the moment a swimmer enters the water until he is free of the water.


The Committee’s decision of the interpretation of these rules, or the decision on any other question, is final and binding.